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Impacting Compelling Docu-Film that you don´t want to miss! Directed and produced by Virginia Bright.for The cozUare The Movement

Virginia Bright Public Speaking Engaging With The Audience

Virginia Bright has a wide varity of skills been public speaking one of them. She engages the audiences in a very inspiring way. Ithin the Malaga Film Festival, affirming women´s rights, Virginia Bright gives a short conference about what Real Diversity means, been herself an expert on the field. Virginia Bright also had a very […]

Virginia Bright Arrives to The Málaga Film Festival

Virginia Bright arrives to the Málaga Film Festival. Virginia Bright singer, actress, director and producer presents shrot piece documentary “Yo Soy El Cambio” / I AM THE CHANGE. A short film that will be screened on the 17th at 19:00 Pm within the Film Festival´s “Afirming Women´s Rights” from the Mercé Plaza “Solidarity Space”

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