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This is the most Transformative Intentional Experience I had embark Myself On. It was 1st of January of 2023 and this is how i got my New Year Intentionally, determined to Shake Off Some Of My Most Negative Experiences I had Within my Entertainment industry, It was Non Negotiable or They´re Negativity or My SANITY TO MY SUCCESS. I wanted to documented so this New Year I could share the Experience And Invite Some Other High End Goddess Profesional To Reset & Rewired Themselves with they´re Personal Brand Purpose

Start This New Year With The Right Vibrational MindSet Frequency For One Of The Most Successful Years Round. This is my TOP 1 Most Anticipated Best Re-Treat: CELEBRATING YOU and your New Personal Brand-Birth-Year. This Retreat it's thought for you, High Profesional Woman to Fast Re-Focus, Unblock, Elevate, Re-connect with that Feminine Powerful Creative Goddess Energy FOR YOUR PERSONAL RE-BRANDING.

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What Other Women Say About Virginia Buika´s Holistic
High End Biz Goddess Approach

"Virginia, YOU HAVE SUSTAINED ME IN HARD TIMES WITH YOUR ENERGY. Thank you so much for all the support and the beautiful work you have done in all this difficult time. You have sustained me in hard times with your energy and with the things you have shared. Your energy will remain in our hearts forever. A hug and keep expanding your light. Infinite ❤️❤️ thanks "
"For me everything we have worked on in this group has been the basis to be able to face last year 2020 and the ones to come. Finding strength and serenity. We did a very beautiful work for the soul. Thank you Virgi, for leaving us so much. A big hug. A lot of strength, serenity and resilience. Thank you!!! Thank you!!" *
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING VIRGINIA YOU ARE AUTHENTIC... and when this started it was super exciting and powerful... The seed you planted continues to sprout ☺️ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for having shared so much with me and with Nerea and then with all the others who joined this circle. A big ✨✨✨✨✨✨ hug " *


What You Will Experience In This Retreat?

Everyone is UNIQUE and each EXPERIENCE is to each own. My cozUare Riholé Goddess Retreat Experience, it would be very hypocrite for me to tell you what you are going to feel or experience but all I can say to you is that if you are truly committed to break through this new year and elevate your Personal Brand to your next level, this is to me one of the most PROFOUND, PRACTICAL & FUN ways to achieve that and way much more, and like in anything in life you just have to COME, JOIN IN & HAVE THE EXPERIENCE... So that you can have your personal testimony and feedback by your own personal experience.

What I can do for you here is to share what was like for me... My Before and After..
A Great Shift From The Very C.O.R.E from - DAY1
My Inner Goddess Activation from - DAY2
My Power Of Intentional InnerTalk ReConnection - DAY3
A New Profound Fun Transformative Way To Unleash My Goddess Within - DAY4
An Increase Of My Goddess Creative Energy Flow - DAY5
I Gain More Momentum, Mind Clarity & Greater Expansion - DAY6
I Successfully Overcame Biggest Roadblock / I Felt Lighter - DAY7

How to bring forth Your Goddess Within
How To Re-Activate Your Goddess Power
How To Shake The Heavy Negative Experiences That Are Blocking Your Personal Brand Flow
How To Expand Your Personal Brand From Within Your Corep


Virginia Bright

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This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person.

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