In her early beginnings Virginia Bright as she arrived to London, she went on to a very discipline and focus vocal training. She trained with top coaches and singers from the UK. Virginia Bright says….

_”…I believe is highly important to embrace your past, know where you coming from so that you can know where you are going, for me it was a great challenge to overcome all my emotional blockage that badly affected me to my tuning and my vocals, I was so insecure…I used to gather with amazing talented musicians, I used to feel so overwhelmed by their talent! We used to gather at a Community Centre in the North West London “The Granville Centre” at an evening runned by Winston Small, there is where I met UK Gospel band Blesses Voices, Zalon Thompson (Amy Wine House lead vocalist) who became one of my vocal coaches at the time. So after many years we have just reunite in London, what an incredible experience!