Legendary Quincy Jones & Virginia Bright

A dream come true for Virginia Bright to be part of this huge celebration to the ultimate legendary Mr. Quincy Jones at the Moltanban Theatre.  Virginia Bright saluted him for his many years of mentorship and support of young musicians, along with his multitude of musical achievements.

Virginia Bright ask Quincy Jones for guidance towards her cozUare Movement Initiative. Quincy Jones surprised by Virginia Bright´s origins and presence engages into a warm and highly inspirational conversation, showing of his support Quincy looks forward

Pianist Alfredo Rodriguez & Virginia Bright

This annual awards tribute attracts jazz musicians and jazz lovers from all over Southern California in a celebration of jazz and the talented people who have made this extraordinary music their life’s passion. With the dramatic budget cutbacks over the past few years, many of the music and arts programs in the schools have been eliminated. This annual Tribute is the Society’s primary fundraiser helping to continue its highly acclaimed programs – Jazz in Schools, Bill Green Mentorship, Jazz Coolcats, and New Note.