Virginia Bright

Virginia Bright is an International  Singer- actress-producer, an entrepreneur… a powerful force in the world of philanthropy and in the global social awareness of the “Humanity in us” promoting through her art and her God-given talents the “Human Rights” for all. Specially dedicated to women, teenagers and children, for the unity within self and the unity amongst all cultures.

Hollywood Black Film Festival Audience Choice winning Award, Los Angeles Music Awards Pop Female Of The Year Nomination, for her release “ I ́m back for more (Dance Re-Mix)” from her long-awaited debut album Coz ́You Are. The various influences on the album, including Pop, Afro, Spanish, Latin, Soul and Hip-Hop, is lending testament to the notion that Virginia Bright is a “young soul” with maturity and aptitude beyond her years. Born in Spain to an African Spanish  father and a Spanish mother she grew up in North West London-UK.

On 11th of October 2019, Virginia will release her powerful and critically-awaited  studio “Anthem Spanish Song – ERES TÚ… La Luz” for her cozUare THE MOVEMENT a Humanitarian Transformational Movement through Education and Culture. ERES TÚ – cozUaree, under her independent  label. Offering an honest glimpse into what matters most to Virginia, the artist shines a light on the importance of the unity within oneself, self-empowerment and self-motivation to overcome all things. Alongside “ERES TÚ” cozUare, Virginia also will be releasing a Micro-Book “ERES TÚ La Luz / YOU ARE The Light” inspired by the message on the lyrics of her song and her life experiences. in her determination to overcome herself, and all her obstacles in the following of her dreams and aspirations and jet overcome years of social bullying and self-hatred. Uplifting and feeling good compellying music & book written by Virginia Bright.

Previously known as Virginia Buika a.k.a “Queen.L.V”, Virginia Bright today. She learned to play her favorite instrument “accordion” at the age of seven, her talents were clear from her very earliest days, been a formal member of the professional “Venecia accordion band” in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. After honing her musical skills through the band, few years after she became known as an actress in Spain her country of birth.

In her building up she became finalist at beauty pageants like “UK Black Face2000′′ presented by Richard Blackwood, selected over thousands of contestants around the United Kingdom, this was an open door and a chain of opportunities in Virginia ́s career and celebrity status as well as a positive response to her “Self Power of Believing in oneself ” In 2002 young Virginia signed a Commercial campaign for top UK brand “Dixons” all over Great Britain. She worked & performed along with top artists like Kim Wilde (UK), Westlife (UK), Suga Babes(UK), and feature on numerous productions.

After considering few offers from record labels without fulfilling Virginia ́s expectations, Bright joined in a collaboration with Latin Grammy winner Victor Daniel and released her first EP Don ́t You Cry “La Vida under her artistic name then, Virginia Buika, independently directed to the Spanish Market in the UK that got her huge accolades throughout the Spanish and non-Spanish-speaking audiences, launched at the First “UK Latin Music Festival” at Camden best known Coco Club, also  she opened for the King of Latin Urban Music “Don Omar” at the Brixton Academy  and performed at the famous “Ronnie Scott´s” in London with an enormous success, she received Sponsorship for her tour from companies like Sketchers and MTV Spain. That same year just a few weeks of her early started EP promotion an unexpected conflict of interest with her surname  found to be patented by a  third party related to Virginia on an act out of faith while at the same time Virginia was facing her sudden dad´s passing away, put a hold into Virginia ́s successful started music career for several years till her second back with her single “I ́m back for more”, moving to Hollywood she enters into the Latin Grammy Academy, she also becomes a honorary life time member for the National Association Of Independent Latino Producers (NALIP),Motion Pictures, SAG & AFTRA member.

Guest Coach on Channel4’s (Spain) “Fama a Bailar” back in 2008 for its 1st season, alongside Spanish dancer-choreographer Victor Ullate, U.S form member of the “Electric Boogaloo” dancer-choreographer  and client,“Popin Pete” withdrawing an audience over 1.5 million viewers for the famous “Fama a Bailar” TV Show, making history in the Spanish TV and dance world after their appearance.

As a devoted Pro-human rights and diversity conscious activist, in December 2014, Bright started working on her most compelling and devoted Project “cozUare The Movement” to be launched this forthcoming 2018. A movement that empowers the global community around us, with a special and dedicated focus on women and children, a host of initiatives and live entertaining and educative events re-inforcing “the good in us people” to build a greater world where all people are developing the ability to respect ,to listen and to treat themselves with dignity first, so that they can be truly heard, respected and equally treated, building a greater world for us all. She states “….All true change starts within self.…changing, loving and conquering yourself…that’s the secret for seen a true change in our communities…and this is where our greater challenge begins”

Virginia is also the founder of “cozUare-Porque Tu eres” (, a non-profit organization that committed works for the protection of the human rights for all, to positively combat the social bullying, racial and gender discrimination with a special focus on children and women for the social, and economic impact on them and their families as well as their communities all around the globe.

Bright made her directorial debut for Can We Take Off The Blindfold?/ Nos Quitamos La Venda? Of her most controversial documental films, pre-selected at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2011, highlights the success and contributions of the African ascend entertainers around the globe, their ups and downs in their fight for recognition to their work. At present Virginia is serving as Executive Producer for her first feature film “Coz You Are” as part of her “cozUare The Movement”. She made her productorial debut in 2011 with her documentary film and in  2013 with two short films she shooted in Hollywood, which Bright also stars, film The Presentation & Warzone Master both directed by Noah Edwards, and most recently in 2015 with a reality series alike for TV or web format “cozUare Beauty Fitness” wich Bright also composed the original anthem music for this show and the “cozUare The Movement”.

Bright currently resides between Malaga-Spain, Los Angeles-USA, and London-UK. She´s not married and has no kids.