Virginia Bright Joins On A Colaboration With Legendary Diblo Dibala


Virginia Bright is joining forces with legendary Diblo Dibala who will be featuring on one of Virginia´s songs as part of the cozUare Movement of which she is founder of such a wonderful initiative. Diblo Dibala it´s best known for his highly successfull career as a producer, song writter and composer with more than 15million copies sold on his past collaboration with Juan Luis Guerra “El Costo De La Vida” for the latin market, also for his known collaborations with artist such as Franco Luambo Makiadi and TOPK Jazz, Pepé Kallé, Kanda Bongo Man and the most influential artist within the soukus an afro beat scene. True honour having living legend Diblo Dibala on Virginia´s most awaited debut album “Coz´ You Are”

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